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> Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2015 09:40:54 +0100
> From: Lars Behrens <Lars.Behrens at>
> Am 24.11.2015 um 17:29 schrieb Thomas Lynch:
> > What I am trying to say, is that on a large display, the square
> > button has become something to avoid and not hit be accident, less
> > the window  
> explodes
> > into something truly huge.  
> Just click it again to resize back. I don't see the problem.
> The problem is that it has become useless and is an annoyance.

No, it hasn't. Personally, I tend to only maximize vertically, but
other people use it regularly. On smaller screens, like a laptop, I use
it too. If it annoys you, simply don't use it. You don't even need to
have the button on your window if you're worried about hitting it
accidentally, disable it in the settings.

> Just a sidenote/hint, are you aware of
>  * middleclick/rightclick the maximize button for maximize only
> vertical/horizontal?
> I don't need a 1 meter wide window, nor a half meter tall one, just
> like I don't need an enormous window.

Then resize manually.

> Not what you were asking for, just to make sure you know some
> important everyday features as you wrote "After years of being
> frustrated by overly fancy window managers" (which might not have had
> those possibilities) in your first mail.
> You quote me out of context. The original passage points out that
> technology changes have abrogated the usefulness of a "make it take
> the entrie display"   button, and lead t the need
> of something that makes a window bigger, but not that big.

You won't get it on a button in the titlebar, but have you looked at
either devilspie or wmctrl to see if they can do something that would
be similar?

And could you please try to quote what other people say to make reading
easier, and keep the threading intact?


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