Thunar, error in libgobject (copy & paste bug)

Heinz Diehl htd+ml at
Sun Nov 8 18:57:01 CET 2015

On 07.11.2015, Marshall Neill wrote: 

> I don't have the problem; perhaps it is because I am running
> thunar-extended?

A lot of people all over different major distributions seems to be

The problem is most probably related to glib2, which impacts on
Thunar.Users running glib2-2.44 don't have it, while those who
have glib2-2.46 installed do (including me). Downgrading is
not possible as this would require recompiling a lot of essential
packages, namely systemd amongst others.

The Fedora/Redhat folks report that the bug is already known upstream,
so let's see if there will be a fix. The bug is deeply annoying,
though, because the file manager is one of those tools being most
central in any OS.

Let's hope that the issue will be fixed soon.

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