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> > I have a number of urxvt windows that I would like to be automatically
> > started when I log in, but when I run Settings -> Session and Startup
> > -> Session they don't show up, while xterms do.
> > 
> > How is this handled, and how can I get urxvt to register in this list?
> > I really don't want to switch back to xterm.
> > 
> Are urxvt windows similar to xfce terminal windows, a single process
> runs multiple windows?  Maybe that's your problem.

I don't think so. You can run a server process (urxvtd) and then
connect to that with clients, AFAIK, but I'm using it in the regular
way, each window has a separate PID.

It makes no difference whether I start them from a terminal, a menu, a
launcer or a keyboard shortcut - the Xfce session manager just doesn't
seem to "know" they are there at all.

So far I've tried xfce4-terminal, (u)xterm and roxterm, and all of
those register and will launch when the session starts. It seems this
is isolated to (u)rxvt.

Any ideas (other than switching to another terminal emulator, which I
am considering)?


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