ANNOUNCE: xfdesktop 4.12.0 released

Eric eric.koegel at
Sat Feb 28 18:22:01 CET 2015

xfdesktop 4.12.0 is now available for download from

What is xfdesktop?

Xfce's desktop manager.


Stable release of xfdesktop for Xfce 4.12.

Thank you to everyone who contributed patches,
translation updates, and tested xfdesktop
during its development.

* Miscellaneous bug fixes:
 - New background for 4.12!
 - Add a space between icons to fill the entire screen
 - Add optional blurring on shadow on text of icons.
 - Editing menu items with right click optional
   (Bug #11031)
 - Clarify right click apps menu presence (Bug #10301)
 - Default application not respected with glib >= 2.41
   (Bug #11306)
 - Include dir needed for building "out of tree"
 - Fix crash in xfdesktop's metadata monitor
 - Add 1px to widen the text shadow and improve contrast
 - Fix calculation of shadows that are offset in RTL
   text (Bug #5239)
 - Adapt thunar's context menu structure (Bug #11542)
 - Additional context menu changes
 - Consider shadow offsets and blur extents when
   calculating the text box
 - Sort pending icons on resize (Bug #11266)
 - Allow thunarx menu entries for multiple file selection
 - Show 'No templates installed' when no templates
   are found
 - Hide file action menu entries when volume + other
   icons are selected
 - Don't use cairo_surface_create_similar_image
   (Bug #11566)
 - Consider shadow extents/offsets when updating icon

* Translation updates:
  Arabic (ar), Asturian (ast), Bulgarian (bg),
  Czech (cs), Danish (da), German (de),
  English (Australia) (en_AU), Spanish (Castilian) (es),
  Basque (eu), Finnish (fi), French (fr), Hebrew (he),
  Croatian (hr), Icelandic (is), Italian (it),
  Japanese (ja), Kazakh (kk), Korean (ko), Malay (ms),
  Norwegian Bokmål (nb), Dutch (Flemish) (nl),
  Polish (pl), Portuguese (pt), Portuguese (Brazilian) (pt_BR),
  Russian (ru), Slovak (sk), Slovenian (sl), Serbian (sr),
  Thai (th), Turkish (tr), Ukrainian (uk),
  Chinese (China) (zh_CN), Chinese (Taiwan) (zh_TW).

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