Manjaro release announcement misunderstanding

Rob McCathie korrode at
Thu Feb 26 05:46:11 CET 2015

Hi Xfce list,

It's come to my attention from here:

...that our recent announcement for one of the 0.9.0 development ISO's 
has caused some concern.

What was announced was a *development* release for our 0.9.0 version. 
Our final 0.9.0 version will not come out until after Xfce 4.12 is released.

'Manjaro 0.9.0 with Xfce 4.12' is the final product, this is a 
development release, both Manjaro and Xfce infrastructure are still in 
development stage. It wasn't meant to be implied that the ISO included 
the final Xfce 4.12 product. The first line of the release announcement 
states: " Xfce 4.12 will be released by the end of February". i.e. it's 
not released yet.

Apologies if the announcement wasn't clear enough about this and it has 
resulted in some media outlets writing articles with incorrect 
information. In future we'll try to ensure things are more clear.

There's a lot of love for Xfce within the Manjaro team and community and 
we're always happy to hear from the Xfce team about anything they want 
to discuss.


Rob McCathie
Manjaro Team

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