Missing a font

Mișu Moldovan dumol at xfce.org
Mon Apr 20 10:03:29 CEST 2015

On 20 April 2015 at 00:51, ToddAndMargo <ToddAndMargo at zoho.com> wrote:
> It is an IRS Schedule C tax form.
> http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f1040sc.pdf
> Now this is interesting:
> $ fc-match 'Helvetica LT Std'
> DejaVuSans.ttf: "DejaVu Sans" "Book"
> $ rpm -qa \*msttcorefonts\*
> msttcorefonts-2.0-2.noarch
> I should have the font.
> I will ask the distro about a font manager.

I think you are getting closer to what seems to be the root of the
problem. Your Fontconfig matches DejaVuSans for Helvetica LT Std and
that's not metrically compatible. It could be that Arial from the
corefonts package is, so install that and hopefully Fontconfig would
match Arial as Helvetic LT Std. If not, you could always create a
manual alias as explained here:

Font-manager would have helped you with creating an alias. Also note
that you could use other fonts as metric aliases for Helvetica:
Liberation Sans from the Liberation fonts, Free Sans from the GNU
FreeFont project etc.

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