Missing a font

killermoehre killermoehre at gmx.net
Sun Apr 19 14:12:51 CEST 2015

Am 19.04.2015 um 10:21 schrieb ToddAndMargo:
> Hi All,
> Qoppa PDF Studio Pro 10.0.0
> Xfce 4.8
> Scientific Linux 6.6, x64
> I am using a fill in PDF tax form that doesn't print so good.
> Qoppa tech support told me that I am missing the font and
> that the substitute font they grabbed is the problem.
> So I opened the PDF in Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro in a virtual
> machine (XP).  The font in question is:
>    Helvetica LT Std
>    Size 8
>    Baseline Shift: opt
>    Bold
> Questions:
> 1) how do I manage my fonts?
> 2) where do I go to find this font?
> Many thanks,
> -T

First of all, xfce4.8 isn't supported anymore. Please update to at least 4.10.
Second, fonts are not handled by xfce, but your distribution. Install them via your package manager. Which leads us to:
Third, Helvetica as used by Microsoft is a proprietary font. I'm not sure you'll be able to use it. Ask your distributor if and how to implement them.


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