ANNOUNCE xffm now at rodent-5.3.12

edscott wilson garcia edscott at
Sun Sep 28 16:40:49 CEST 2014

Rodent 5.3.12 is now released.

Xffm (once known as XFce File Manager) has now entered a new step in
its evolution. Gtk+-3.12 is now rid of the popup and tooltip mapping
bug which affected certain fvwm configurations and is now considered
the gtk version of choice for Rodent Applications.

This release is the fastest and most stable to date.

 "I must say it is the best individual software of this decade."

Rodent is now configured to use gtk3 by default with version
gtk+-3.4.0, the minimum acceptable, but 3.12 is recommended. It is
still possible to compile with gtk >= 2.12, but you must specify the
option at the configure step and will miss out on some cool new
features, like the pathbar.

Within Rodent 5.3.12 you will find that the package manager plugin now
supports Gentoo emerge. Furthermore, you will find that this plugin is
defined by means of Xschema validated XML files, which not only allow
easy action and option definitions, but also provides full help
information on package actions and options via Rodent tooltips.
Current supported package applications include pkg (FreeBSD), zypper
(OpenSUSE), yum (CentOS) and emerge (Gentoo).

The versioning nomenclature has also changed. The digits after the 5
reflect the Gtk+ version the programs, plugins and libraries have been
compiled without use of any deprecated symbols or methods.

* Download from

** You will need both rodent-5.3.13 and librfm-5.3.12. Individual
applications contained within rodent-5.3.12 are also available
contained within separate tarballs.

** The "dbh" requirement is now a "GNU libdbh" reqirement

** CentOS users: CentOS sudo configuration by default will only work
with a terminal. To use Rodent sudo options (like mount), you should
change this setting with visudo.

** The "libtubo" requirement (libtubo-5.0.14) is also available from
the Rodent download site.

I hope Rodent may be as useful to you as it is to me.


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