tango icons not building

Victor Rodriguez vm.rod25 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 18:01:24 CET 2014


I am building XFCE from scratch ( learning a lot ) and realize that
the XFCE-default icons :

xfce4-icons-theme are not working at all.

After a bit of search I realize that tango is the new standard icon theme :)

Now the problem is that I am building the tango from source code and I
found that require these dependencies:


After compiling these from scratch :) I realize that I have this
error, and is due to the fact that Image Magick is not well compiled

I get the following error when I try to compile tango

[   23s] convert: no decode delegate for this image format `PNG' @
[   23s] convert: no images defined
`24x24/actions/address-book-new.png' @


Does anybody knows what missing libraries or Image Magick
configurations am I missing ?

Thanks a ot for the help


Victor Rodriguez

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