Thunar does not recognices mimetype asociation in PDF and OpenDocument [SOLVED]

jEsuSdA 8) listas at
Mon Oct 13 12:52:03 CEST 2014

El 11/10/14 a las 08:25, Evangelos Foutras escribió:
> If you recently upgraded to glib >= 2.41, then that's the reason Thunar
> isn't respecting the default app you've set.
> See the following bug report for details:

YES!! you find the bug!

It is cause libglib update.

While Thunar new version solves this bug, an easy solution is to edit


This file causes loading the files in the wrong application.

Just editing it fix the wrong associations fixes the problem.

Thank you very much, Evangelos!!!
Salu2 de jEsuSdA 8)

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