Thunar does not recognices mimetype asociation in PDF and OpenDocument

hl.xfce hl.xfce at
Mon Oct 13 07:56:50 CEST 2014

Am 08.10.2014 um 11:35 schrieb jEsuSdA 8):
> Hi!
> I have a problem I can not solve instead I have spend a lot of time
> trying to solve. :(
> When I click a pdf file in Thunar, this pdf opens with ePdfViewer
> instead Evince.
> Evince is the software designed for opening pdf files in Thunar and in
> the XFCE mimetype editor. [screenshot 2 and 3]
> This has been working ok since ever, but suddently it stop working and
> Thunar opens pdf files with the wrong applicacion.
> This happens too with LibreOffice files (odt, ods, etc.). Thunar opens
> this files with Calligra instead LibreOffice.
> The others mimetypes associations works fine. Only PDF and LibreOffice
> files opens wrong.
> How I can see what is happening? How I can solve this problem?

I recently had a problem with thunar starting from session or by 
xfce-shortcuts. They had an incomplete set of environment variables 
which results in some more or less funny file associations.

If the problem fixes by killing an restarting thunar ("killall Thunar", 
then if no thunar running start thunar from shell with "Thunar". ), you 
might have a similar problem like me.

Possible Workarounds:

(1) Disable xfce-session / autostart feature (not shure, which one), 
instead first start thunar from a shell.

(2) Check environment of your thunar processes (with "strings 
/proc/<pid-of-defect-thunar>/environ | grep ^XDG_DATA_DIRS") and compare 
this to the environment in you shell. Check at least variables 
Sometimes thunar seem to get launched by dbus session bus (config file 
/usr/share/dbus-1/services/org.xfce.Thunar.service). Then the set of 
environment variables is a bare minimal.

I try to work around this by patching PATH and XDG_DATA_DIRS evironment 
variables for the dbus session bus. I've done this by patching 

This is OpenSUSE 13.1. There might be significant differences to other 
I'm not shure if this is an OpenSUSE of XFCE-Problem.


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