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Someone told me that Debian also has a couple additional branches (I think one might be called Testing) for people who use that distro but do not want to be limited to the old versions of files that are in their "Stable" repos. You might check in see if the files that you are looking for are in one of them.

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> Quoting Sergio
> <sergiocmailbox-xfce at>:
> > Back when LXDM was just starting, some guy at
> > sidux packaged it. Maybe look at their repos
> > (aptosid) if they have the latest version.
> > LXDM is just as light as SLiM and the
> > language selector works fine.
> Yes, I've heard that as well, but the problem
> here is that, despite numerous efforts, lxdm
> has yet to make it into Debian.
> Cheers,
> Jaap
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You can always download the source code for XFCE,
unpack it, compile it and install it on your
system. You may need to add some programs first
such as
(as I recall)
opt-get install build-essentials

No one needs to be a total slave to debian

I use Slackware but have toyed with Ubuntu etc on
occasion. And I use Knoppix on my laptop.

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