Sensors-plugin settings reset after any upgrade

Morten Bo Johansen mbj at
Sat Nov 1 14:23:00 CET 2014


Any upgrade of any xfce program always causes the xfce4-sensors-plugin to
lose its settings upon the next start of the panel. Yesterday the
xfce4-power-manager and thunar were upgraded, and sure enough, when I
started Xfce this morning the settings in the sensors-applet were lost.

I had a backup file with the settings that I copied over to the
configuration file, /xfce4-sensors-plugin-12.rc, I restarted the panel
but the file was once again overwritten with empty settings. I chowned it
to root and restarted the panel, but it was overwritten again. Now, I
have set the chattr immutable bit on the file and my settings are finally
left alone.

Apparently it is libxfce4util that is at fault. This is from

(xfce4-sensors-plugin:7144): libxfce4util-CRITICAL **: Unable to rename /home/mojo/.config/xfce4/panel/xfce4-sensors-plugin-12.rc.7144.tmp to /home/mojo/.config/xfce44-sensors-plugin-12.rc: Operationen er ikke tilladt

I am not on the developers list, so I hope it is okay to report it here.


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