bash, ~/.bashrc and PATH

Ulrich Goebel ml at
Sat Mar 22 18:08:59 CET 2014

Thanks for all the hints. In the german forum I got another hint, which 
solves my problem: Now I define my PATH not in the ~/.bashrc but in the 
~/.profile. What I learned is that ~/.bashrc is interpreted in the 
moment I open an interacrive shell, while ~/.profile in the moment of 
logging in.

Am 22.03.2014 17:48, schrieb Hartmut Haase:
> Hi Ulrich,
>> What to do?
> maybe you can define the command in your starter like this:
> set path (as in .bashrc) ; application

Ulrich Goebel
Paracelsusstr. 120, 53177 Bonn

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