adapted $PATH not available for GUI

Marshall Neill ramien43 at
Sun Mar 16 20:14:01 CET 2014

On my system it gets if from /etc/profile
if [ "`id -u`" -eq 0 ]; then

On 03/16/2014 02:01 PM, houghi at wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 16, 2014 at 05:42:28PM +0000, RW wrote:
>>> So at what point does the PATH enter the stream of parameters and
>>> where does it read that from? It seems not to be coming from any of
>>> the other files. /etc/profile works on tty1, so there is no syntax
>>> error.
>> With a graphical login manager you haven't got an actual login shell,
>> so something else has to read in the files. Some managers can do this,
>> I've no idea about lightdm. ~/.xsessionrc seems as good a place as
>> any though.
> I know. So where does it get the information that e.g. /bin, /usr/bin and
> /usr/local/games are in $PATH when I do not have ~/.xsessionrc? The only
> two place I found where /etc/login.defs and /etc/profile and editing them
> does not change it.
> I doubt it just makes that up. What file does it read to get the data? So
> where does it get the data besides ~/.xsessionrc?
> What if I want to edit the default? What if I want to remove one? What if
> I want to not have /usr/local/share or /usr/local/games for ALL users on the
> machine by default?
> So where does it get the info
> /usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/local/games:/usr/games comes from?
> houghi

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