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On Sat, 15 Mar 2014 09:36:34 -0700
Grant <emailgrant at> wrote:

>> You can copy/create *.desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications
>> And modify it as you wish.
>>> > I do not use gnome and evince but i think you can check desktop
>>> > files in /usr/share/applications and find file(s) with
>>> > 'Exec=evince-previewer %U' And change it to 'Exec=evince %U'
>>> >
>>> >> I'd like to have PDF documents opened with the full evince app
>>> >> instead of evince's "GNOME Document Previewer" since I can't get
>>> >> copy/paste to work from the previewer.  How can I make that change
>>> >> via console?
>>> Ideally I would be able to edit the app/filetype associations in the
>>> userdir.  Which files there control that?
>Great, it looks like ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list should
>do it.  Where are exo-web-browser.desktop and exo-file-manager.desktop
>- Grant

At least exo-file-manager.desktop is defined as a desktop file
in /usr/share/applications. It is called "File Manager", and there may
be more than one with that name. Listing them in terminal shows the
actual file names.

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