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Usually, when something that used to work on my or a friend's linux computer, my suggestion is to check the system's update history against the time when the problem occurred (logic telling me that if things were fine yesterday but not today, then the update that I received at midnight this morning is probably the culprit).

Additionally: Verify that it isn't a failed USB port - I'd guess that you tried multiple ones, but that's just a guess. Make sure you're using a known good cable (it might charge a device even if an internal break ruined the communication channel). You mentioned that these are new devices - have they ever communicated via USB with your computers? I'd like to doubt it, but having been a Verizon customer in the past, nothing they did would surprise me now, including selling devices that were modified to not function properly without paying a monthly fee or a separate hardware purchase (especially if they want to sell you some kind of media streaming service); I only stayed with them as long as I did because I thought they were the "least worst," but that was before I discovered Republic Wireless and its ultra-cheap unlimited everything no-contact service.

Grab an older live distro disc, boot it, and try to access your devices via USB; if you cannot, the software isn't at fault. 

Good luck!

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