Donating to Xfce through Bug Bounties

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Great idea. Best of luck ;)
On Jul 25, 2014 4:05 PM, "Simon Steinbeiß" <simon at> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Recently Eric and I have been setting up Xfce on[1] and
> we've finally reached a stage where I think we can go public.
> For a while the Xfce developer community was striving to establish
> a non-profit Foundation, a process that stalled for years mostly due to the
> bureaucratic nature of the enterprise. (In comparison, setting up the
> account on bountysource was a breeze.)
> To get to the point: we see bountysource[2] as an easy way to offer
> the community with a way to financially support Xfce. There are two
> avenues a backer can choose from.
> 1) Set a bounty on a specific bug (we've pulled in all the reports for
> many components already, so you can easily find them on
> 2) Back the Xfce team
> The latter option means that the members of the Xfce team can decide on
> which bugs they want to spend the donated funds.
> Just to be clear, our main motivation is not to make money from
> contributing to Xfce, but to lure new contributors into hacking on
> Xfce. As development has slowed down a bit lately, Xfce definitely
> needs new maintainers and developers, especially as we focus on the
> bugs that are blocking a 4.12 release[3][4].
> If you're a user and your favorite part of Xfce does not yet show up on
> bountysource [5], feel free to tell us! If you're a developer and
> haven't received an invitation email yet, accept my sincere apologies
> and get in touch! (I'm still in the process of sending them out by the
> way, but yeah, lack of free time as always and other distractions...)
> So, spread the word, back the project, and let's get people to
> contribute!
> Cheers
> Simon
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> [5]
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