Xfce is very slow

Stephane Ascoet Stephane.Ascoet at ac-orleans-tours.fr
Thu Jan 30 14:38:00 CET 2014

> Xubuntu is very light, and is the best Xfce distro all around :

"Very"? I couldn't install it on any of my own personnal computers... However, Debian runs on them...

> - LTS releases

Debian stable is even more "long-term".

> - hundreds of software in the repositories

Dozen of thousands in Debian ones...

> The memory wasn't fully used, it was 65.3% free.

Yes, that's why I still wonder why it was swapping... I don't know how Helmut, nor how much he's technically aware, but personaly I 
would create two XFS partitions, without swap.

> Windows comes with only one partition. The other partitions are recovery
> ones (and maybe an EFI boot partition), that are not used by Windows.

Lots of computers are furbished with two partitions, like "/" and "/home" under Posix systems.

> And there's always the option to use the advanced mode, which lets you
> use gparted.

Of course but I can't approve the way Ubuntu does things, on this subject and so many others.

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