Xfce is very slow, part 2

Maximilien Noal noal.maximilien at gmail.com
Wed Jan 29 23:33:42 CET 2014

Le 29/01/2014 17:49, Hartmut Haase a écrit :
> Hi, let me answwer some questions:
> [snip]
> 4. There is no need for a PPA. Xubuntu provides a Xubuntu session and 
> a Xfce4 session in LightDM.
> No, it doesn't. LightDM looks like this:
> http://picpaste.de/IMG_0955-OHnWmZec.JPG
In Xubuntu 13.10 and earlier release, you can choose the Xfce session in 
LightDM. In 13.10, you need to use a button in the top right corner :

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