Xfburn Windows Size

Sébastien ml at terranean.eu
Thu Jan 16 22:56:27 CET 2014

Le 2014-01-16 à 17:57, Silvio Siefke a écrit:
> > I'm wondering if this might be a "Desktop Theme Issue." I've always
> > had recalcitrant behavior with Dark Themes after a while.
> I changed to theme Xfce and change icon set to GNOME but help not,
> same situation. 

I managed to reproduce it and pinpoint the problem.

Greg's suggestion made me think of changing my GTK font size to
something very large such as 24 to see how Xfburn would behave. I had
the same issue as yours - it didn't fit in my 1600x900 display. I tried
to change the window size via settings.xml and it kept reverting back
to a way too large window - just because of the large font.

Same issue, except you're not using a large font. This then led me to
believe the text on the Xfburn buttons are the cause of this behaviour. 

I ran Xfburn in German, Spanish, Italian... and saw the description of
the buttons are on a single line, while it is on several lines in
English and French.

So the issue seems to reside in the translation files, they're lacking
new lines for too long translations (or Xfburn could word wrap long
translations - would be better, IMO). Long translations resize the
buttons' sizes, and the space buttons takes resizes the window's size,
which explains why xfburn prevents you to decrease the size.

Try to switch the language to English, launch Xfburn, and see if it
works better. On my settings (English, Clearlooks, Sans 10) I can
resize it down to 869x365.

As for the solution, a bug report might help (or/and redoing the
translation file). And as a workaround, you could find a language you're
comfortable with and that doesn't suffer from this "bug", and launch
Xfburn with something like $ LANGUAGE=en xfburn

Hope this helps,

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