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Hartmut Haase hha4491 at web.de
Wed Jan 15 08:55:17 CET 2014

Hi Silvio,
I would resize xfburn manually (mouse or ?), and watch if xfburn stores it after closing.
Viele Grüße,

Silvio Siefke <siefke_listen at web.de> schrieb:

>i use xfburn as software on a netbook. But the programm not accept settings.html
>in .config/xfburn. I set:
><setting name="main-window-width" type="int" value="1000"/>
><setting name="main-window-height" type="int" value="505"/>
>but when start xfburn it changed the settings to 
><setting name="main-window-width" type="int" value="1283"/>
><setting name="main-window-height" type="int" value="505"/>
>I use Netbook with 1024x600 and this is not the best size of a window. What
>can do that Xfburn not overwritten the settings.
>Thank you for help & Nice Day
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