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Sun Aug 24 10:11:25 CEST 2014

le 2014-08-23 à 23:20, ToddAndMargo écrivit:


> Yum says I have "gnome-system-utility" installed.
> I can't find it for my life.
> How do I fire this up in Xfce as a new item in panel 1?

You might find this useful:

"There is a package called yum-utils that builds on YUM and contains a
tool called repoquery that can do this.

$ repoquery --help | grep -E "list\ files" 
  -l, --list            list files in this package/group


- Note that this command will fail silently if the named package doesn't
actually exist.
- To search faster for installed packages, include --installed option."

Note that you mentioned gnome-disk-utility in the subject and
gnome-system-utility in the body, make sure to list the correct package
name with repoquery.

Hope this helps.


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