ANNOUNCE: xfce4-power-manager 1.3.2 released

Simon Steinbeiß simon at
Thu Aug 21 10:06:47 CEST 2014

xfce4-power-manager 1.3.2 is now available for download from

  SHA1 checksum: 5ed0e5ec8d6aab70a693aec03fdb7a00af1f31eb
   MD5 checksum: 1855ccbfb0592cb94d71ebfae458d6b4

What is xfce4-power-manager?

This software is a power manager for the Xfce desktop, Xfce power
manager manages the power sources on the computer and the devices that
can be controlled to reduce their power consumption (such as LCD
brightness level, monitor sleep). In addition, xfce4-power-manager
provides a set of freedesktop-compliant DBus interfaces to inform other
applications about current power level so that they can adjust their
power consumption, and it provides the inhibit interface which allows
applications to prevent automatic sleep actions via the power manager;
as an example, the operating system’s package manager should make use
of this interface while it is performing update operations.


Release notes for 1.3.2
[Please note that this is a development release.]

Development release of xfce4-power-manager.
Please report all problems at

 Since there is only one panel plugin left it was renamed from "Battery
Indicator Plugin" to "Power Manager Plugin", which is more fitting as
t doesn't merely show the battery status.

 Xfce4-power-manager does not rely on special device icons anymore
that illustrate the load-status. Instead, the load-status is now drawn
with cairo on top of normal device icons that follow the naming of the
Adwaita icon-theme.

 Other changes:

 - Fix crash with slider on 32bit systems (Bug #11076)
 - Fix version number output on the commandline
 - Remove unused code
 - Add dedicated icons for the keyboard brightness notifications
 - Various icon improvements
 - Reorder parts of the settings dialog

Translation updates: Bulgarian (bg), Dutch (Flemish) (nl),
 French (fr), German (de), Italian (it), Malay (ms), Polish (pl),
 Portuguese (Brazilian) (pt_BR), Spanish (Castilian) (es).

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