Making XFCE as default on Ubuntu

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> On Fri, Aug 15, 2014, at 08:49 AM, john
> Culleton wrote:
> > Just installed Ubuntu ( I am a Slackware guy
> > usually) and then {snip}
> I don't pretend to know all the dependencies
> required by Unity, but Ubuntu seems rather
> heavyweight if all you want is Xfce. You way
> want to try Debian Testing. IIRC, the Debian
> Testing installer even comes with a choice (you
> have to navigate to it) to get the Xfce desktop
> right from the get go.
> Works wonderfully for me. Note though that it
> will require updates quite regularly (I do
> `apt-get update` and `apt-get -u dist-upgrade`
> every few days).
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Just FYI I loaded up an Ubuntu partition because
I want to use the latest Inkscape (0.91pre1) for a
book I am writing. Every other Linux distro came
up with errors that I couldn't solve. The
developers use Ubuntu it seems. The only
precompiled 0.91 is for Windoze and I just can't
stand to work with that mess for this particular
project. Now the Ubuntu standard gui is pretty
awkward but you can load Ubuntu up with XFCE4 so I
am trying to do that.

When I start Ubuntu I don't see a place for
choosing the gui. I'll try again.

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