Window menu stuck (or, windows not brought to foreground)

Christian Jaeger chrjae at
Mon Sep 2 14:28:46 CEST 2013

2013/8/12 Peter de Ridder <peter at>

> I can't answer the problem you are experiencing.

I still haven't rebooted since I sent this report, and instead just decided
to not use the window menu anymore. Now today since weeks I first checked
the windows menu again, and you know what, it works again as it should. So
this is some intermediate issue that can go away again. Perhaps it was a
particular application that had a window open that I closed in the mean
time and that had this side effect? (I've closed an mplayer window today
that was open for a long time, but reopening and making it full screen the
same way it was before does not hurt the window menu. Perhaps something

I have noticed some other issue that I've bumped into several times now,
which is that X has a hard coded limit of 256 client connections[1]. When
it happens, I have to close a few clients to make space for new ones.
Perhaps the menu issue is triggered when X is "fully loaded" and xfce fails
to open a new client connection? (Although I think it took quite some time
(days, or weeks) after the windows issue till I consciously ran into the


>  But here is about the window cycling.
> On Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 7:22 PM, Christian Jaeger <chrjae at>wrote:
>> BTW, Gnome 2 had two ways of cycling windows, one similar to the one that
>> I'm presented with in Xfce, which is just drawing an outline of the current
>> window in the selection process (plus a pop up window with icons to cycle
>> through), and another one which doesn't show a pop up but instead of just
>> drawing the outline, it will actually bring the corresponding window to the
>> front (temporarily). I always liked that latter mode better, and even after
>> trying to grow accustomed to the outline/popup selector way in Xfce I would
>> still much prefer the other one. Does Xfce actually have that, too? If it
>> doesn't, I'd really love if someone implemented it or would help me
>> implement it myself.
>> See for a patch and more
> background information.

Thanks; I'll try that (I'm assuming it's not in the current dev version?).

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