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Sun Sep 1 12:01:29 CEST 2013

Am 01.09.2013 05:15, schrieb benjamin kent:
> Hello everybody.
> XFCE is outstanding! I love how it helps being productive, so it is
> only natural that I want to donate something.
> Unfortunately, I couldn't find a donation link on the homepage.
> Finally someone in the irc channel pointed me to this list - here
> I am :)
> I really do wonder if you could set up a paypal/bitcoin link on
> your site.
> Awesome thanks for XFCE - Benjamin

Hi Benjamin,

Well, there is the german »Xfce Foundation e.V.«, which AFAIK accepts
donations. Here is a short overview:

-		| official website
- mailto://	| official mailing list
- irc://| official irc channel

Better you write there.


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