hide/disable titlebar?

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Tue Oct 15 09:32:19 CEST 2013

>> Can I hide or disable the window titlebar?  If not, can I enable
>> access to the panel with a window fullscreened?
> To disable titlebars, I use devilspie. I have thus disabled titlebars from
> e.g. Firefox and Transmission-Remote-GTK to use more desktop estate.
> Devilspie is great to do a lot. It would be great if it would be much more
> integrated into XFCE and/or a XFCE specific GUI interface with it.
> houghi

Thanks, I also found a theme called Smallscreen which makes the
titlebar very small.  It's included in the xfwm4-themes package in
Gentoo's portage.

- Grant

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