Introducing preview of xfdashboard - a "gnome shell"-like dashboard for xfce

Stephan Haller nomad at
Thu Nov 28 10:41:08 CET 2013


Am 27.11.2013 23:17, schrieb Willie Matthews:
> Great job. Looks really good. Is it possible to show all windows from
> all work spaces?
Not yet. I'm currently working on the workspace selector which will be 
located at the right. When it is ready you will get an image per 
workspace with all its windows like the pager panel plugin. I also want 
to implement that you will be able to switch between the workspaces by 
clicking on it and to move a window of the current workspace (from the 
windows view) to any other workspace by dragging that window and 
dropping it on the workspace image where to move it to.

The windows view will likely never show all windows of all workspaces. 
Also it did not work the last time I tried it :(


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