Introducing preview of xfdashboard - a "gnome shell"-like dashboard for xfce

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Wed Nov 27 14:05:22 CET 2013

El 27/11/13 13:18, Stephan Haller escribió:
> Hi @all,
> Nearly since one and a half years I'm a so called "gnome3 refugee" and
> switched over to xfce completely ;) Before I always looked at xfce every
> now and then to see the improvements. But one thing I'm missing and
> that's the way how window switching and application launching is done in
> Gnome Shell of Gnome 3.
> So I decided to try if I can rewrite it and make it fit into xfce. The
> project is called "xfdashboard". It's not the best name but it was first
> one coming into my mind ;)  Now I reached the point where the
> application is still neither complete nor finished nor nice-looking but
> in an usable state. You can switch between the windows of current
> workspace, start application from the quicklaunch bar at the left, add
> or remove new applications to quicklaunch bar by drag'n'drop and search
> for applications by just typing the application's display name,
> description or command.
> I was encouraged to show it to a wider public audience so I created a
> preview tarball which can be downloaded at:
> To build xfdashboard the following libraries and headers (-dev packages)
> have to be installed:
> libwnck >= 2.10
> clutter >= 1.12
> glib >= 2.30.3
> gio >= 2.30.3
> gio-unix-2.0 >= 2.30.3
> xfconf >= 4.10.0
> dbus-glib >= 0.98
> To use xfdashboard I advice to define an application shortcut in
> Settings -> Keyboard like <Super>+<Tab> which calls "xfdashboard".
> Although it is working and usable for me and might crash on your
> workstation. One issue I know about is one machine using OSS driver
> nouveau (for nvidia graphics adapter) has broken textures sometimes
> rendering the application unusable.
> You're welcome for any kind of feedback.
> The project's page itself is located at:
> Regards,
> Stephan

Hi Stephan!

Can you show some screenshots o screencast, please?

Thank you! ;)

Salu2 de jEsuSdA 8)

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