Inconsistent mouse size settings

Chris Rydalch crydalch at
Thu Nov 14 17:11:33 CET 2013

Alright, here's what I've discovered:

- Gtk2 (geany) workspace, Xulrunner (pencil), and Qt (pyqt example) all
show the same inconsistent mouse size behavior. The theme is the same, just
the size changes to the one I set.
- Gtk3 (gedit), OpenGL (houdini) , the toolbars of Gtk2 apps, and the rest
of Xfce, the size stays at the large default size (though, again, the theme
stays the same).

So for whatever reason, Xfce, Gtk3, and the toolbars of Gtk2 programs
either don't know about the user's size preference, or it's being
overwritten somewhere. ToZ's suggestion, in order to get the theme setting
to be set properly, worked great. If only the size would also work across
all applications...

On Wed, Nov 13, 2013 at 11:50 AM, killermoehre <killermoehre at> wrote:

> Am Mi 13 Nov 2013 17:37:15 CET schrieb Chris Rydalch:
> > Hmm.... looks like it's running, and it's in the Autostart list with a
> > checkbox next to its name. Is there some other settings daemon that's
> > supposed to be running?
> >
> > How do I check to see if it's toolkit-dependent? I thought the mouse
> > setting would just be inherited by setting the mouse size in the
> > settings window.
> >
> > Thanks!
> Should be easy to check. Run a QT, a Xulrunner, a Gtk2 and a GTK3
> program together (there are other toolkits, too, but this are the most
> common) and see how the cursor behaves.
> Regards
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