ANNOUNCE: xfdesktop 4.11.1 released

Eric Koegel eric.koegel at
Sat Nov 2 07:01:35 CET 2013

xfdesktop 4.11.1 is now available for download from

What is xfdesktop?

Xfce's desktop manager.


Release notes for 4.11.1
[Please note that this is a development release.]

Second development release of xfdesktop targeting for Xfce 4.12.
Thank you to all translators and everyone who tested the first
development release and provided feedback or bug reports.

Please report all problems at

* Fixes for per-workspace wallpapers:
  - Migrate backdrop settings from previous versions (Bug 10380)
  - Correctly display settings defaults
  - Don't cache the pixbufs in single workspace mode
* Additional wallpaper cycle options:
  - seconds, minutes, hours, at startup, every hour, every day,
    and chronological.
* More removable device icon types (Bug 4056)
  - Xfdesktop will now optionally show all network shares, disks
    and drives, and other items such as smart phones which use MTP.
* Right click menu improvements:
  - Right click issues persist (Bug 9323)
  - Fix menu pop ups via the command line
  - Fix template sub-menu loading code (Bug 10138)
  - Speed up template sub-menu loading code (Bug 7834)
* Tool tip options in xfdesktop-settings
  - There are controls to customize the tool tip preview image size
    as well as disable all desktop icon tool tips.
* Allow renaming of multiple icons
  - Thunar's bulk renamer is used when renaming multiple icons.
* Minor changes/bug fixes:
  - Wrong g_return_if_fail macro used
  - Fix icon moves and deletions
  - Clear all pixels from drag highlight box (Bug 10450)
  - Always move files from the trash (Bug 3983)
  - Add icons in an idle callback
  - Update man page (Bug 7576)
  - Set warnings as fatal
  - Allow the font size to go to 0. With the font size of 0 no icon
    text labels are displayed.
  - Some memory leaks were found and fixed.
  - Use the Path key of desktop files if a path is not set (Bug #8741)

* Translation updates: Arabic (ar), Bulgarian (bg),
  Chinese (China) (zh_CN), Chinese (Taiwan) (zh_TW), Dutch (Flemish)
  English (Australia) (en_AU), French (fr), Hungarian (hu), Icelandic
  Italian (it), Kazakh (kk), Korean (ko), Polish (pl), Portuguese (pt),
  Portuguese (Brazilian) (pt_BR), Russian (ru), Serbian (sr),
  Spanish (Castilian) (es), Thai (th), Turkish (tr), Ukrainian (uk),
  and Uzbek (uz)

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