Camera Import (XFCE 4.8)

Maximilien Noal noal.maximilien at
Wed May 15 11:50:52 CEST 2013

Le 09/05/2013 23:34, Damien Moore a écrit :
> Hi,
> I just switched to XFCE on Ubuntu 12.04. I am trying to figure out how 
> to use "Removable Drives and Media" - > "Cameras" -> "Command"
> I have a program that I can use to import photos, but ideally it wants 
> to receive the URI of the camera. Is there a variable substitution for 
> this? For example could I put something like "import-command %uri" 
> where %uri will substitute the URI of the camera.
> Thanks,
> Damien

It's just a program to launch. Personnaly, I put "shotwell" in there, 
because Thunar does not mount (and thus does not show) the camera. 
Shotwell has a built-in dir tree GUI from which I can access to the 
camera's photos.

Or, you can use Nautilus, which will mount the camera automatically and 
show it on it's sidepane. Nautilus can be chosen as the default file 
manager in the Xfce Settings Manager.
However, if you want the Xfce desktop to open Nautilus instead of Thunar 
when you open a directory from the desktop, you'll have to install the 
Xfce 4.10 PPA.


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