whither xfce4-mixer?

Brandon Watkins bwat47 at gmail.com
Fri May 10 17:06:45 CEST 2013

> OTOH, some users love to use Xfce without PulseAudio (ALSA alone), and
> won't accept PulseAudio as a dependancy of xfce4-volumed or xfce4-mixer. I
> understand them, since I used ALSA alone for years before I could make PA
> work with Timidity++ without any lag.

I agree XFCE shouldn't make pulseaudio required because a lot of XFCE users
probably do prefer using just alsa, but I think XFCE properly supporting
pulseaudio out of the box is long overdue. Pulseaudio works quite well
these days and is the default in many distros. On my system I've found
pulseaudio to be a necessity for doing things like using my HDMI audio
output (its a PIA to do with just alsa). It currently takes too much
tweaking to get XFCE working satisfactorily with pulseaudio, luckily the
xubuntu distro has done a good job of getting this working out of the box
and thats one of the major reasons that its my XFCE distro of choice.
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