ANNOUNCE: xfwm4 4.10.1 released

Nick Schermer nick at
Sun May 5 18:01:09 CEST 2013

xfwm4 4.10.1 is now available for download from

  SHA1 checksum: cbfb1beee0e952f133ef851526823b472992de1d
   MD5 checksum: 10de50c79ed944cbb9c87741062c2a76

What is xfwm4?

Xfce's window manager.


Release notes for 4.10.1
- Autotools updates.
- Small optimization in shadow loop.
- Some small optimizations in placement code.
- Do not write empty session files.
- Fix wrong debug message (bug #7547).
- Fix crash in settings dialog with wrong title alignment
  value (bug #9108).
- Implement NET_WM_MOVERESIZE_CANCEL message (bug #8949)
- Translation updates: Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan (Valencian), 
  German, Greek, French, Hindi, Croatian, Indonesian, Polish, Slovak, 
  Serbian, Swedish, Turkish, Uyghur.

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