Dock: remove icon inside the tooltip

Camaleón noelamac at
Wed Mar 27 12:30:18 CET 2013

El 2013-03-27 a las 11:27 +0100, Mike Massonnet escribió:

> Le 26/03/2013 18:00, Camaleón (Gmail) a écrit :

> > I'm trying to find a way to remove the icon that shows along with the
> > tooltip text when you put the mouse over the dock icons.
> > 
> > I found this documentation¹ link which apparently talks about this option
> > but after some unsuccessful tryouts in "~/.gtkrc-2.0" file I finally
> > opted to ask :-)
> > 
> > Is there a way to achieve this?
> Put the following line inside gtkrc-2.0, but note that this will disable
> tooltips in all GTK+2 applications.
> gtk-enable-tooltips = 0

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I already knew about this but I don't want to miss all the 
system tooltips because of this :-)

> For the launchers, there is an option. Right click a launcher > go to
> Properties > the tab Advanced, and check the option "Disable tooltips".

Yup, thanks again, I already tried this option but I also miss the "text 
hints" which I don't want.

My goal was to get something similar to GNOME 2 launchers, that is, 
when you put the mouse over the icons you get the useful hints (text) 
but no icons.



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