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Greg Folkert <greg at> wrote:

> On Mon, 2013-06-10 at 18:36 +0100, Neil Winchurst wrote:
> > I have read recently the suggestion that the future desktop for
> > Linux will be either Mate or Cinnamon or possibly both. The others,
> > I read, are destined to fall by the wayside.
> This is from people trying to Pigeon hole Linux. They don't understand
> how to handle it. They don't understand it period. They want 1 or 1
> choices and want to be told what to do and how to do it.
> > I have been using Xfce for a long time, most recently with Xubuntu.
> > I have looked at Mate and Cinnamon, and I have also used KDE in the
> > past.
> I've used XFCE back in the Cholesterol Free days... And still use it
> to this day.
> > My hope is that Xfce is going to continue into the foreseeable
> > future. I just don't like the others. The whole idea of Linux is
> > choice, right?
> Not going to happen. In fact, LXDE, WM, BB and others are thriving

Where did you read that? IMHO, the *box WM that is thriving the most
is Openbox which is shipped with many distributions.

Xfce and LXDE are close but Xfce4 does seem to be much more appealing
due to its own composition mechanism and its own window manager Xfwm4
which fits with GTK+ themes unlike Openbox (default in LXDE), and also
Xfwm4 has a complete support for BiDi writings, unlike Openbox.

For my personal usage, I use IceWM and Fluxbox because of two reasons:

It is a great idea and I am also addicted to the old and simple Win95
style which can be also achieved with Xfce.

I can group tabs. *When this is implemented in Xfce I might drop FB.
I find its menu much more flexible than the one of,
though I may argue on it.
I like the idea that most people in real world have trouble figuring
out how this "strange" "operating system" (referring to FB) work.

But, if I am interested in a desktop environment for a productive use
in a company or in an office I would categorically choose Xfce over
anything else.

Note: Xfce is also a fallback environment for many KDE users I know.

> > Can I be confident that Xfce will continue to be supported and
> > available in the future? Or is it really destined to be lost to us
> > eventually?
> This again, is just clueless individuals whom think they know. They
> don't. Alwasy take those kind of deterministic predictions as what
> they are: Guesses.
> > Regards
> > 
> > Neil
> Cheers!

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