[4.8]: Acceleration key for window movement?

Jape Person japers at comcast.net
Tue Jun 11 15:54:59 CEST 2013

On 06/11/2013 09:08 AM, Lars Behrens wrote:
> Am 11.06.2013 14:29, schrieb Jape Person:
>> If you look on the Advanced tab of the Window Manager, you'll see a slider named
>> "Distance". It adjusts how far the window moves with each press of an arrow key.
>> That's how I handle this issue. I always move and adjust windows using the keyboard.
> Not exactly what I was looking for, but usable as a workaround
> Thx!
> Cheerz,
> Lars

Hi, Lars.

Yeah, I have experimented with enabling (under Accessibility) the mouse
emulation through arrow keys. In that way you might use those sliders to get
what you want without affecting the way windows snap to borders or edges. But
that wouldn't work for me with the way I use windows.

I'd be willing to bet there's a configuration file you can edit manually, but I
don't know just what special mojo would be involved.

Good luck!


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