Window menu stuck (or, windows not brought to foreground)

Christian Jaeger chrjae at
Mon Jul 29 19:22:31 CEST 2013


I've switched to Xfce after upgrading to Debian Wheezy a couple months ago.
There's a recurrent problem that sometimes pops up, which is that when
selecting a window from the "Window Menu" applet, instead of bringing the
window to the front, it will just make the corresponding entry in the
window menu itself be shown bold. With every windows that I select, it will
make one more entry bold, but doesn't do anything with regards to the
actual windows.

I don't remember whether I found some way out of this one time. I might
just always have given up and rebooted. But obviously I don't want to
reboot because of this. Thus once again since the last time this has
happened about a week ago, I've been using meta-tab to get to my other
windows, which still works (but is often tedious).

Any idea what's going on and how I can fix it?

BTW, Gnome 2 had two ways of cycling windows, one similar to the one that
I'm presented with in Xfce, which is just drawing an outline of the current
window in the selection process (plus a pop up window with icons to cycle
through), and another one which doesn't show a pop up but instead of just
drawing the outline, it will actually bring the corresponding window to the
front (temporarily). I always liked that latter mode better, and even after
trying to grow accustomed to the outline/popup selector way in Xfce I would
still much prefer the other one. Does Xfce actually have that, too? If it
doesn't, I'd really love if someone implemented it or would help me
implement it myself.

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