Thunar no longer deletes to trash; permanent delete only

Mathias Brodala info at
Thu Jan 31 21:29:43 CET 2013


Bob Zubaly, 31.01.2013 19:22:
> I have just realized that Thunar 1.6.2 in Gentoo has lost the
> ability to delete to the trash using the right-click menu item.

Have you tried force-quitting Thunar via "Thunar -q"? I have noticed
that sometimes the trash service is started after Thunar (as can be
seen by an "unavailable" icon on the trash panel applet). Restarting
Thunar this way always gives me back the option to move files to trash.

BTW I’m using 1.6.1 here and haven’t noticed anything like this before
the 1.6.x release.

Regards, Mathias

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