xfce and CD/DVD media handling problem

Frantisek Hanzlik franta at hanzlici.cz
Wed Jan 2 01:44:15 CET 2013

Frantisek Hanzlik wrote:
> Hi,
> I was switching less than a year ago to Xfce (from GNOME 2, as Fedora
> user, with GNOME 3 invasion) and i'm quite satisfied. But now I
> configure one older PC for our kindergarten, and want some kind of
> more user-friendly access to multimedia CDs/DVDs. There are some
> indices that this should be possible, but I'm still out of luck with
> this actions:
> 1) I want start up selected player (e.g. VLC) when inserting video
> DVD.
> 1a) In thunar-volman-settings, multimedia tab, I have checked
> "Play video CDs and DVDs when inserted", but nothing run when I
> insert media; no difference when "Command:" field is empty or when
> there is "usr/bin/vlc dvd:///dev/sr0" - but from terminal this
> command work perfectly.
> 1b) As after insertimg media disc and on Desktop appear DVD media
> icon with film name, it would be sufficient for me when I could be
> able run player after clicking on media icon. But this action isn't
> working for me too. Video disc (usually - but see notice below) isn't
> mounted. When right clicking on its icon, I will get menu with items
> "Open", "Mount Volume" and "Applications >". When left doubleclicking
> on icon, disc is mounted under "/run/media/$USER/$VOLUMENAME" and opened
> with Thunar.
> How I can configure some sort of "Open with command ..." action,
> either for left (double)click or add some command (e.g. above
> mentioned "usr/bin/vlc dvd:///dev/sr0") to at right-click displayed
> menu?
> And other (minor) improvements - it would be nice have in right-click
> menu command for media eject (again, e.g. run custom command as
> "/usr/bin/eject /dev/sr0" should be sufficient for me).
> Is it possible?
> (*) Notice: I did several tens of tries with multimedia volumes,
> and these disc after inserting was almost always left unmounted, as
> I wrote above. But in two or three cases disks was mounted, due to for
> me unknown reason. IMO this could be caused by some of several other
> running applications - I thing that when I had no app active, then
> media discs was never mounted afted inserting.
> 2) similar behavior as in previous point for audio discs (e.g. start
> rhythmbox for them). How is resolvable this?
> 3) thunar-volman-settings has several (5) options-checkboxes for
> removable storage handling. But it seems as they have no effect -
> partitions on USB sticks appears on desktop, but they are indicated
> as "Removable Volume,Not mounted yet". Not matter which checkboxes
> I mark off, they are not mounted and Thunar not display their content
> (but left double-click causes mount and appropriate Thunar open action,
> thus this isn't so important for me - but automount would be nice).
> Also, inserting USB stick with one hidden partition do nothing, nor
> icon appears (although this hidden partition occupies even small part
> and there would be possible create other partitions, or work with hidden
> partition. Maybe this isn't job for Thunar but e.g. for gparted or so,
> but IMO stick insert should be somehow indicated.
> How should be configured removable storage media handling?
> I'm using Fedora 17/i686 fully updated, xfce4-session-4.8.3,
> xfce4-settings-4.8.3, Thunar-1.3.0, thunar-vfs-1.2.0,
> thunar-volman-0.6.0.
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Should I solve this in Fedora mailing lists?
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