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Genghis Khan genghiskhan at
Wed Sep 26 11:16:58 CEST 2012

Dear Xfce users and supporters,

In respond to the last segment of the interview with Nick, I would like
to open a discussion thread on the marketing/propaganda aspect of

Bill Toulas said:

> One last thing. Xfce is one of the most anti-marketing and
> unappealing names in the open source world. Xfce stands for Xforms
> common environment, but you are no longer using Xforms so why don’t
> you change it to something better?

Nick Schermer said:

> Don’t most desktops have unappealing acronyms? I only see problems
> when “renaming” the software (commands will change, function names in
> the code/API). We tend to not use “Xfce” in the strings users read so
> they are not confronted with the name of the DE.

I have fallen in love with Xfce ever since I have started to use it.
I know avid Xfce users who abstained from or postponed to test(ing) Xfce
solely because of the Xfce Logo which they have seen at websites like , ,
while they were new GNU/Linux users of KDE or GNOME.

I sincerely think that Xfce has a lake in marketing and I think this
should be improved.

As a one who knows propaganda (you may also call it campaigning,
marketing, public relations or even the Hasbara (explanation) Ministry
in Israel...  Yup, Propaganda Ministry, there is such thing) from
various of its ugly sides and as a one who is, unfortunately, dealing
with it for some of my clients at work, I, myself, think that the
fonts and the cute mouse are unappealing, as it was described, but
maybe it is the name itself.

I do not feel I can target on the issue specifically.  I am almost 100%
certain that the problem and needs to be dealt with propaganda.

This problem is aimed at those who have never used nor seen Xfce and
something should be changed in order to boost up the reputation of
Xfce amongst those people, whether it is today or whether when there
will be a mass migration to GNU in general.

Xfce has a great desktop, great tools but it has a lack in the
"Welcome" door way for the people who have never used it.

Note: If any change will be made to the trademark, please make sure to
make the current trademark available in the system by default.

P.S. Personally, I love the curvy fonts and the speedy fuzzy mouse and
     I also use it as a background in my cell phone.

Proper English
4 teh lulz...

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