Darklooks theme for gtk3 apps?

Sergio sergiocmailbox-xfce at yahoo.com.br
Sat Sep 15 12:11:08 CEST 2012

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> Assunto: Re: Darklooks theme for gtk3 apps?
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> Data: Sábado, 15 de Setembro de 2012, 0:17
> On 14/09/12 05:13 PM, Sergio wrote:
> > Thanks. Using it now.
> > I just recommend editing gtk-2.0/gtkrc for both the
> Night and the Dark variants and set 'focusstyle' for
> something other than '0' so focused items are highlighted
> (note that the 'Night' variant has it more than once in the
> file).
> > Value can be '1', '2' or '3' and '3' is more similar to
> the way GTK3 looks for the themes.
> Hi,
> I edited /usr/share/themes/Xfce-redmondxp/gtk-2.0/gtkrc
> following the above, in the hopes that I'd be able to darken
> the focused item in any list, like an email list for
> example.  As it is now, the focused item is only a
> trace darker than an unfocused item.  Anyway, I see no
> 'focusstyle' text, just 'focus-line-width' 'focus-padding'
> and 'interior_focus'.  Is it possible to darken a
> focused item? Even better to change it's color?  Or am
> I barking up the wrong tree?
Maybe you're referring to 'selected' items?
The main colours for a theme are right in the first line, e.g. 'gtk-color-scheme = "base_color:#D8D8D8\nfg_color:#363636\ntooltip_fg_color:#ffffff\nselected_bg_color:#4D6E92\nselected_fg_color:#ffffff\ntext_color:#242424\nbg_color:#C5C5C5\ntooltip_bg_color:#080808\nlink_color:#4a90f9\nbg_dark_color:#AAAAAA"'

'focusstyle' is for showing what item is focused (like a button or a tab) so you can know where you are to navigate with the keyboard. Most traditional GTK2 themes have this enabled already.

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