ANNOUNCE: xfce4-weather-plugin 0.8.2 released

Miguel Guedes miguel.a.guedes at
Wed Sep 12 15:31:54 CEST 2012

On 12/09/12 11:25, Harald Judt wrote:
> That has always been the case, I don't remember changing anything there.
> Doesn't the rest of the xfce applications use documentation on the web
> now? IMHO a good choice, this way the user always gets not only
> up-to-date but also useful information.

I don't think it's a good design idea. For instance, I've got both my 
distro's stable and latest GIT versions installed. Now, because I forgot 
to change the GIT version's desktop entry name, when trying to add it to 
the panel two weather applets are listed with the _same_ name. The only 
way I had of discriminating between both was to add one and then,

   * first check the 'properties' option in the context menu (there 
isn't an 'about' option on the menu)
   * because there didn't seem to be any differences (additions/changes) 
to the properties box and there wasn't an about button on it either I 
then had to click the 'forecast' option from the context menu
   * now, because the forecast box didn't seem any different to the 
version I was already using and clicking the about button sent me to the 
up-to-date plugin webpage, I couldn't really determine which version I 
was using
   * at this point I had to assume I had added the old (stable) version 
and so I then proceeded to adding the second entry in the plugin list

So now I've effectively got both versions on the panel and I can 
determine the version of one of the two (provided I'm connected to the 
net) but not the other's because clicking the about button on _either_ 
version takes you to the same webpage which contains information about 
the latest version only.

Granted, this is the sort of complications one runs into when dealing 
with multiple versions of the same software, compile by hand and what 
not. But I still think that a static piece of information identifying 
the particular version of a particular software should accompany said 
software in the form of an 'about' box. It's its identity after all.

BTW, love the new version, Harald! Great stuff!


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