Option To Retain Input Focus On Lowered Windows

Marr wm33 at att.net
Wed Mar 7 00:30:09 CET 2012

Hi all,

I've been running Xfce (4.6.x, under Slackware 13.x) for over 2 years now and 
really like it -- kudos to all the fine folks who work on it!

Having said that, there's only 1 thing which is a "show-stopper" for me -- 
i.e. something which would have prevented me from being able to use Xfce at 
all had I not found a way around it: the default window manager (xfwm4) 
behavior whereby it switches the window input focus when the current window is 
"lowered".  In other words, when I "lower" a window in the Z-order, I want it 
to _retain_ input focus (with the window frame highlighted), not switch focus 
to the next available window.  (BTW, I always use "Click to focus", never 
"Focus follows mouse".)

When I first started using Xfce 4.6.x, I simply patched that behavior out and 
re-built.  Presumably, I can continue to do that in the newer 4.8.x and 4.10.x 
releases.  But I think that it might be nice to have this as an option, either 
in the 'Window Manager Tweaks' section of the 'Xfce Settings' or even as one 
of the "hidden" options in a configuration file.  I understand that many people 
might prefer the current behavior, but it was a shocker when I first 
encountered it in Xfce and I cannot imagine that I'm the only one who might 
want the option.

So, I ask: Any chance for adding such an option in some newer release of Xfce?  
Should I file this as a request on Xfce's Bugzilla?

Regardless of what can or cannot be done in this area, my deepest gratitude to 
all who develop and distribute Xfce and to all the other Xfce contributors!  
It really is a great and useful desktop environment.

Bill Marr

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