xfce4-soundmenu-plugin V0.4.0

Matias De lellis mati86_dl at yahoo.com.ar
Fri Feb 24 17:20:34 CET 2012

Hello people..

After a long time, and after the launch of Pragha 1.0 (If anyone is interested,
this weekend, realize 1.0.1 with some bug fixes.), finally dedicate to
improving this plugin.

What is it?
A very basic xfce4-panel plugin to control any players MPRIS2 compatible Based
on last xfce4-sample-plugin (http://git.xfce.org/panel-plugins/xfce4-sample-plugin),
and written with the excuse to learn dbus thank to http://www.aliov.org/?page_id=47 :)

That can make this plugin?
Basically adds four buttons (The Classics Prev, Play/Pause, Stop, Next) to control
any player that use mpris2. Optionally you can add the image of the current album 

o the panel, and can hide the stop button.

But if you compile with libclastfm (http://liblastfm.sourceforge.net/), you gain support
to Scrobble, Love and Unlove in lastfm. In this way you set up lastfm only in this
plugin, and you always have scroble independently of the player you are using.
.. and if you compile with keybinder, you'llalways get the control of players with the
multimedia key. Never more a player is going to steal control of these keys!.
.. and if you compile with libglyr (https://github.com/sahib/glyr), you will have very
easy to find the lyrics, and artist info of current song. In the next version add support
for more information..
.. and if you compile with libnotify, you will get a better information when glyr not found
certain information. The idea is show notifications of change song, and show the same
experience regardless of player used, but will in the next versions..

In short you can compile it to your taste..


* You can show the cover art on the panel if it is informed by the player.
* Open the image when double click on panel image.
* Now has a true xfce4-soundmenu-plugin icon.
* Check status of network manager when init the plugin. If is online, init lastfm, otherwise
wait 30 seconds.
* Now depend of libnotify to show errors of glyr (And much more later.) when is available.
* Change/add/remove some functions to remove duplicate code. So, much better code,
and no freeze never more the plugin when search info.
* When just add the plugin detect current player with dbus.
* Avoid use of posix pthread.. Use more gdk_threads.. [1]

Xfce devs: I few questions... ;)
* Changes to the mode deskbar 4.10, are absolutely necessary?. Any suggestions?

* [1]There any kind of preference to work with threads?. Threads are a new world for me.
I think it is well coded, but I would love that you take a look at the code. Mainly
soundmenu-related.c. It is preferable to use posix, or glib gdk thread.?. There any
alternative to thread, to find information on background, and to show a dialog without
freezing the plugin?

Thanks for everything!.

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