Orage alarm did not occur

Stuart McGraw smcg4191 at frii.com
Thu Feb 9 17:04:59 CET 2012

On 02/09/2012 12:56 AM, Juha wrote:
> Do you use hibernate/sleep?
> If yes, you may have run into the known BUGs related to those.
> If not, this is then new BUG.

No hibernate or sleep, the problem occurred on an always-on
desktop machine.

> Note that xfce panel clock does NOT start Orage automatically.
> If Orage is not running, it will be started only after you click the 
> panel clock.
> This may also explain what you saw. Maybe Orage was not running
> after all. You may see that from the logs (.xsession-errors)?
> (You can not see from the panel plugin when Orage is running. The tray
> icon shows if Orage is running or not.)

Thanks, I hadn't known that.  Sadly, due to some other problems 
I rebooted the machine last night and so I don't have the old 
.xsession-errors file.

However, I noticed after the reboot that the Orage systray icon 
was not present.  (I have the systray icon and the Orage clock
panel right beside each other in a panel.)  When I clicked the 
Clock panel, the systray icon appeared (confirming what you 
just told me.)  It seems reasonable to presume that, as you
suggest, my original problem was caused by Orage not running 
at the time. 

Is there a recommended way to make sure that Orage is always 
started automatically when I log in?  

Since this is effectively a single-user machine, is there a 
way to run Orage in background so that alarms will sound even
if I'm not logged in and don't have an xfce login session?

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