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Fri Aug 31 17:24:01 CEST 2012

Am 31.08.2012 13:30, schrieb Genghis Khan:
> You can also provide both icon sets. You can make software to use
> Faenza theme, or any other theme for this matter, and if no compatible
> icons are presented in the system, then the software will default to
> the set of icons that is currently in use with xfce4-weather-plugin.
> This behaviour appears in the web browser Midori [1] with its Add
> Bookmark button and with the installation status icons of the slapt-get
> package manager Gslapt [2]
> [1]
> [2]

Of course it is possible, but a couple of questions arise:

Would you prefer your default icon theme - even if it is incomplete - to 
the liquid theme, or any other complete theme ("complete" meaning for 
every symbol there is a separate icon)?

How should incomplete icon sets be handled? Replace only the missing 
icons with the liquid ones, or completely use the liquid theme if not 
all icons defined in the standard are available?

What to do with the symbols supported by the plugin and liquid icons but 
without appropriate standard icon files (think of thundersnow, 
thunderstorm,...)? Another layer will be necessary here to assign 
several symbols to one icon. Adds complexity.

To achieve what you suggest, one can create a new theme based on 
standardized icons (e.g. Faenza) by copying the existing icons and 
renaming them. Of course, if you change your theme, then this would have 
to be done again, you wouldn't be able to switch themes and the plugin 
adapts automatically.


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