ANNOUNCE: xfce4-clipman-plugin 1.2.3 released

Mike Massonnet mike.massonnet at
Mon Apr 9 19:57:37 CEST 2012

xfce4-clipman-plugin 1.2.3 is now available for download from

  SHA1 checksum: 20d10cc1877d3bac019ffc72e0a08fc241a81e2b
   MD5 checksum: 61f3be97efa379cb358980c94e14692a

What is xfce4-clipman-plugin?

Xfce4 Clipman Plugin is a clipboard manager for Xfce. It keeps the
clipboard contents around while it is usually lost when you close an
application. It is able to handle text and images, and has a feature to
execute actions on specific text selections by matching them against
regular expressions.


Release notes for 1.2.3
Bug fixes, enjoy!

- Use new online documentation location
- Bug 8307: Handle images and texts as one stack
- Bug 8523: Added a checkbox "Don't ask again" to clear the history
- Bug 8403: Include rows support from Xfce Panel 4.9
- Bug 8147: Don't terminate gtk_message_dialog_new_with_markup with
- Bug 8106: Use g_return_val_if_fail instead of g_return_if_fail

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