Rodent 4.7.1 is now released

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Wed Sep 28 23:36:58 CEST 2011

HI there,

  Today Rodent 4.7.1 was released. Several bugs were fixed and the crash
reported by Liviu on xubuntu is probably fixed too (get back to me if I'm

Enhancements from 4.7.0:

1. Added direct size options to the "icon size" popup submenu
2. Add minimize button to desktop diagnostics window for FVWM users (namely,

Bug fixes from 4.7.0:

1- doubleclick on non mime-associated text file was creating the "open with"
dialog instead of directly going to the default editor. Now it opens the
2- Bookmark items were not appearing in deskview menu. List was not being
3- Dotdesktop menu items with Exec outside users path (or nonexistant) are
not to be included in popup menu.
4. Bookmarks in popup menu was not being updated when a non-rodent
application was modifying them (i.e. Nautilus or similar).
5. Bookmarks monitor was missing a mutex.
6. Allow user to permanently hide desktop diagnostics window with the close
button and to hide/show with the setting dialog option.
7. Fix a race condition between rodent and rodent-desk to generate mime
association caches. This bug causes random crashes on initial startup of
fresh installations, only once.

4.7.1 uses the same configuration directories (rfm-Gamma) and build id for
user settings (5190) as 4.7.0.

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